ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL (face it with the correct criticism please)

-read the post but it’s definitely not enough (I could have hours of conversation about this song)-

A very famous song, it has been used on many occasions and the most famous is probably the one in occasion of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, ten years after its release.


Is music art? Is it a waste of time? Is it a way throughout people express themselves? Or is it just music?

To me music is a very powerful instrument because it gives us a way to escape reality or face it in a different way and to understand it on a different level; there are songs capable of rising the thoughts of a whole generation and songs that leave us with nothing but a nice tune in the head.

The song I chose is a very strong and controversial song that can be interpreted in very different ways; this song was written by Roger Waters for the very famous rock band “Pink Floyd” and was released in 1979.

The music video and the song lyrics are very suggestive and express a very powerful message: in the end, we are only like bricks in a wall.

To fully understand the meaning behind this message we have to think and immerse ourselves in the scenario of the time and look behind the lyrics; if we misinterpret the song we might get the wrong idea that Pink Floyd want us to revolt against our teachers just to make some noise but truly the figure of the teacher is a metaphor that put in the right context stands for whoever wants to oppress us and leave behind our opinions, ideas and individualness transforming us in a bunch of bricks, standing there, all the same.

So this song is actually a wake-up call for us to express ourselves no matter what.

On the other hand, we need bricks to build a skyscraper. I’ll leave you with your own thoughts regarding this song because this is a very controversial message and I cannot express in simple words on a blog post all the meaning that it carries nor want to make you think it the way I think it.


TOK first impressions

TOK (which stands for “theory of knowledge”) is a mandatory course of the IB program of studies that consists in investigating the meaning of knowledge.

My first impression is that this is quite a nonsense class but still I enjoy taking part in it; I don’t really see the point in questioning the meaning of Knowledge and if we really know what we know, it feels like taking part in a big conspiracy theory of how we really know nothing and all they ever taught us is just a big lie.

Sometimes things are so simple to understand that it looks like we are just searching for a reason to complicate our lives as if they weren’t already complicated enough, I think that we should just take things as they come and that we can’t really understand what knowledge means because otherwise there wouldn’t be anything left to know -makes sense?-

At the same time though I’m that kind of person that likes complicate thinking and tormenting my brain with questions there is no answer to, and this class gave me food for late night thoughts and deep shower thinking.

I enjoy TOK lessons because I think it’s kind of fun to see how from a power point presentation we start questioning everything, even the simplest things, the ones we know are true just because they are, seem to be much more complicated or a big lie.

To end this with a philosophical quote “I know that I know nothing”.

But can we even know?